Soul Care Offerings

As a Soul Care Practitioner, I am here support you in becoming more attuned to your soul’s leading and wisdom.

Soul Care is the journey of discovering who we truly are at a soul level. Caring for the soul asks us to slow down, drop into the present moment, come home to our bodies and open to the wisdom within.

Soul, to me, is the essence of aliveness that activates our true purpose in life – the deep knowing of why we are here. Some call “soul” our True Self or Higher Self. Others call it the light of Divinity within, our Christ Light or Buddha nature. However we may understand soul, whether grounded in religion or a deep sense of our own spirituality – soul care is about deepening our connection to our soul’s own unique language and learning how to listen and trust its guidance.

Sacred Listening
Spiritual Direction

Sacred Listening, also known as Spiritual Direction, is for those who seek to listen for how God – or however they understand Sacred Presence – is inviting, guiding, moving in their lives toward greater aliveness, growth and purpose.

It is a spacious time in silence, listening and conversation. It allows for dropping more deeply into the present moment and being curious and open to what arises, what is stirring and shimmering, inviting deeper exploration and discovery. It is a way of delving below the surface level of the every day and opening with greater awareness to the Divine choreography already present and in motion in your life. As we do so, new clarity and sense of purpose and direction emerges for next steps in your life personally and professionally.

I work with clients long distance, by phone as well as in person.

Listening to Your Body’s Wisdom
Spiritual Life Coaching with Healing from the Core

Our deepest soul wisdom resides in the cells of our bodies. Our bodies hold the sacred text and memory of the life we are living – including its joys, sorrows, trauma, challenges, and heart aches. We skip past these events at our own peril for our health and well-being. Taking time to move deeper than our mental narrative of life opens up new vistas of understanding, healing and opportunity for new life.

I am a Presenter and Practitioner in a practice of deep listening to the body called Healing from the Core, developed by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana. Suzanne developed her work over twenty years ago through her own deep knowing and experience as a craniosacral therapist. Scientific studies, especially in regards to how the body experiences trauma, now support what Suzanne developed intuitively. Research by Bessel van der Kolk, Gabor Maté, Peter Levine all confirm - the body holds the key to growth and healing as we learn to listen and trust its wisdom.

Through the core embodiment practices of Healing from the Core, I assist you in learning how to become more grounded, present and attuned to your body’s innate wisdom.

I work with clients long distance, by phone as well as in person.

“It is time for me to bring my heart into the world, allowing it to be my compass, standing tall, grounded in the light of my true self.”

- Patrice Ficken