About Patrice

My objective as a Soul Care practitioner is to provide a safe, supportive and life-affirming space for you to get in touch with your own inner wisdom, strength and resources to help you move forward with your life with hope, clarity, and renewed energy.

I am a spiritual seeker and highly curious about life. I have studied many different spiritual traditions and practices. I bring a diverse vocabulary and open-hearted stance to the exploration of the Divine in all its expressions.

I have devoted the last 20 years of my life to growing my soul. This means I am committed to an ongoing discernment and awareness of how to bring forth my unique gifts in service to my community and world.

My journey has included many major life transitions and turning points. I am attuned to those deep stirrings that point towards change and growth. I left a successful business career in management consulting to enter the ministry. I have traveled through many difficult and deep spaces within myself and with the people and communities I have served as an ordained minister and hospice chaplain for the last 15 years.

Now, working in private practice as a Soul Care practitioner, I work with clients in person and over the phone, from my home in the Boston area.

As well as companioning people on their spiritual and life journeys, an important part of my daily spiritual practice is to nurture my creative soul through poetry writing and piano improvisation.

My aspiration is to bring healing presence and greater self-awareness to all my interactions, and to share my creative and spiritual gifts as openly and freely as I can.


Certified Presenter/Practitioner, Healing from the Core, 2014
Spiritual Director, Shalem Spiritual Formation Program, 2011


2017Year 1 of 4 School of Celtic Consciousness with John Philip Newell
 Advanced Long-Distance Mentoring with Healing from the Core, Suzanne Scurlock-Durana
2016Brain Management Training, Body and Brain Yoga
 Solar Body Training, Body and Brain Yoga
 Finding True Self, Body and Brain Yoga
 Writing Workshops with Roger Housden and Pat Schneider
2010-2014Healing from the Core/Full Body Presence
2013Music for Healing and Transition Program
2012The Interplay Way for Helping Professional
2010Journey Dance Teacher Training
2011Shalem Spiritual Formation Program
2009Shalem Group Spiritual Direction Program
 Dalcroze Summer Institute, Longy School of Music
2003Andover Newton Theological School, Master of Divinity
1988Boston University, Master of Business Administration
1980Oberlin College, Bachelor of Arts

A Full CV of Professional Experience is available upon request.

“When the gut’s insight, which signals us when something is either right or wrong, is connected to the pelvis’s power and the heart’s wisdom, there is a deep integrity that is innate to all of us as human beings. Add the grounding of feeling your legs and feet, and the clarity of your bones’ intelligence, and only then does your mind have all the information it needs to make wise, clear decisions.”

- Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, Reclaiming Your Body