Removing a Thorn Bush

Let me tell you
about all those twisted thoughts
so tangled up together
hard to tell
where one ends
and the other begins

Removing a thorn bush
I learned
only small cuts work
mid-way between thorns
to make space to grab hold of
without drawing blood

Slice and
pull free with the clippers
be careful

I learned the hard way
trying to make quick work
by grabbing hold with my hands
ouch! prick! red ooze stains my gloves
sharp thorns stuck to my sweatshirt

The struggle got personal
forced me to get real quiet inside
focused, patient
intentional with my clippers

Piece by small piece
I followed every twisted pathway
right down to the root stem

Then I took my shovel
dug it up for good

-- Patrice Ficken, June 25, 2014