Just as it is

“Everything is waiting for you…” David Whyte

Arrive fully here
this hour, this day
this moment
as if you are not here already
as if your body has a choice

Why not join
your precious community
of cells, bones, ligaments
Feel the blood flow
the heart beat
feet firmly on the earth
Accept as given
it will all break your heart

Arrive fully to this moment
this word on the page
this very one
the one you would rather not write

It waits for you
longs for you to meet
with nothing less than
the fullness of everything
Nothing missing or partial
you as you are
right now

What do you hope to gain by holding back from the day
as if it does not quite meet your expectations
You say it should be different
Everything is falling apart
nothing like you planned

Isn’t that the point?
Why not embrace the uninvited guest?
Welcome the surprise you did not see coming
by offering your whole heart
to this new day

Everything in it
imperfectly perfect

Just as it is.

by Patrice Borst Ficken ©2021 Soul Care Connections