Go Home, Wilder than the Road

Go home
wilder than the road
Forge new pathways
bush whack through thick brush
thorns and thistles

Feel the squeeze
the pressure of limitation
press your face
against cold, wet stone

Fall into the dark, dank cave
of misery
beg on your knees for mercy
for a ray of light

Wander alone
into the silent land
crave the slightest stirring
feel lost
for a very long time

A door appears
never where you look for it
at the dead end place
where you had lingered
lost many times before
and found nothing

This door, once a solid wall
will open
inviting you to cross the threshold

As you leave this road behind
take one last look back
to behold the beauty of your journey
the perfection of each and every step

by Patrice Borst Ficken ©2021 Soul Care Connections