It is time for me
to arrive at my own threshold
with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers
vibrating with color,
the sweetest, most comforting fragrance
Lavender, rose
maybe a hint of jasmine

All to say to the one
so in need of comfort
I am here
and have always been here for you

It is time to stop knocking on doors
that refuse me entry
whose reception is less than warm
or willing

Time to show up at my own door
To discover
the one always open
Waiting for me to stop
showing up in places
not meant for me

Not to wound or judge me
but to point me toward another direction
A different way
a different door 

So that I may return to the one
I have been looking for
The one
who has always been waiting, watching
expecting my arrival

Ready to greet me with warm eyes
and open arms
to welcome my return
to where I have always belonged

by Patrice Borst Ficken ©2021 Soul Care Connections