Patrice Ficken

Deep Listening

In my experience, sharing our story with another who holds steady, safe, therapeutic presence is powerful and healing. My work is to support you toward gaining greater clarity, ease and freedom in your life, relationships and work.


“A lesson about presence is knowing: “When to stretch to do something new that is “mine to do.” And when to say “no” to what is not “mine to do.” This is huge because my schedule looks quite full to the eye. But when I move forward from that deep place of inspiration of what my soul is meant to do, it all works out. However, when I try to add things that are not mine, I can do them. But I feel the effort required from being out of the flow.”

- Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, Reclaiming Your Body

Wisdom of the Body

Wisdom of the Body

A growing body of scientific research supports what healers have known for generations – our body’s wisdom holds the key to our well-being and soul’s growth. Through the core embodiment practices of Healing from the Core as well as a lifetime of spiritual practice, I can assist you in getting back in touch with your body’s wisdom.

Breathing Room

Breathing Room

Return home to the deep peace available in every moment when we take time to be still and listen to our deep inner knowing and allow our creative soul to be nurtured and cultivated.